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They trust us


Risk management and security are key drivers for the development of renewable energies on a global scale.

Globalisation and the increase in energy consumption are pushing players in the energy sector to develop new production and consumption systems that are more respectful and decarbonised, to invent the world of tomorrow.

Industrial Goods & Manufacturing

Apave's experts can help you make your production facilities and equipment more reliable, secure your sites, and integrate risk management into all your projects.


Service companies, which are undergoing major changes, need to differentiate themselves now more than ever. Apave responds to their challenges by offering advice and technical support, guaranteeing their processes through certification and saving time on sites so they can concentrate on their core business.


The players in the sector are facing major challenges, in particular the need to make the turn towards green mobility while reducing their environmental impact at a time when the urbanisation of goods and people is ever more pressing. Facing tomorrow's challenges while taking into account safety and risk management issues.

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Many businesses, craftsmen and self-employed people place their trust in us on a daily basis. From fire safety on premises, to technical assistance for project management, to training in risk management, Apave supports all of the players who make up the majority of the Tunisian economic fabric in their daily work.