Inspection for fire prevention

Fire safety in your business is paramount. It is important to call on professionals to perform periodic inspections. They will advise you on the measures to take to prevent fires and help you install the necessary equipment. 

Fire safety

The prevention of fire risks consists in adopting behaviors and putting in place equipment to avoid the outbreak of a fire and the propagation of a fire. Therefore, tools (fire extinguishers, smoke detectors ...), devices (fire valves, fire doors ...) and processes (insurance, emergency exits ...) must be put in place to prevent a potential fire.

The fire prevention mission is an excellent way to ensure that your company's fire prevention measures are up to date and in compliance with current standards. The mission of inspections is to control the respect of safety rules in companies. They also aim to make employees and employers aware of fire risks and the preventive measures to be implemented.

Apave helps you implement the measures necessary to protect your property and employees. 

  • Eliminate the causes of fire outbreaks through technical and organizational measures, 
  • Limit the human and material consequences of a fire through effective detection and appropriate fire-fighting resources
  • Intervene and evacuate a place quickly in case of fire.

Apave works with public, industrial and tertiary institutions: 

Apave inspectors are professionals responsible for ensuring compliance with fire safety standards. Their mission is to carry out periodic inspections in public establishments and companies in order to detect fire risks and propose solutions to eliminate them: 


  • Periodic verifications of the protection condition of the establishment, of the measures implemented to prevent the outbreak, the development and the propagation of a fire and of the means of fire fighting, as well as the assessment of the safety organization
  • Evaluation of the regulatory compliance (service, evacuation...)
  • Inspections and tests of the natural and mechanical smoke removal installations
  • Examination and approval of the studies, follow-up and reception of the fire fighting means (fire extinguishers, RIA, sprinklers, fire hydrants,)
  • Examination and approval of the studies, follow-up and reception of the works Smoke removal installation (mechanical and natural) 
  • Inspection and risk assessment for insurance companies
  • Technical assistance and advice on health and safety of workers on construction sites
  • Realization of real evacuation exercises.

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The only office accredited in Technical Control of Constructions in Tunisia, in addition to the accreditations on 7 fields for the regulatory technical inspection, the safety in electricity, the lifting, the pressure apparatuses, the installations of gas, and any technical control aiming at the protection of the workers.

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