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Letter from the executive office

Apave Tunisia has always oriented its strategy and policy towards the accuracy of its declarations of conformity and the consolidation of its Quality Management System based on the ISO 17020 standard.

Today, we want this orientation to be more profound, effective and constantly in phase with the regulatory and normative requirements.

Recognized actor of people and goods security, Apave Tunisia is an organization that based its values on experience, competence, independence and impartiality.

Our main objectives are :

""  The development of our human resources in terms of training, qualification and accreditation;


""The confidentiality, impartiality, integrity and independence of our staff in accordance with our status as a Type A inspection body; 


""Assurance of the competence of our staff through monitoring, including on-site observations;


"" The availability and reliability of our inspection, measurement and testing equipment;


"" Controlling the time needed to produce our deliverables;


"" Continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.



These objectives can only be achieved with the effective involvement of all staff and the support of the hierarchy.

We are fully committed to providing our organisation with all the means necessary for the efficient management of human, material and methodological resources in order to ensure the predefined strategic orientations.


The Chairman and CEO


Human Resources Development

Our human resources policy aims to develop through a strong and dynamic corporate culture. Therefore, Apave Tunisia favours local employment and the development of its employees' skills through continuous training and a policy of health and safety at work.

Confidentiality, impartiality and integrity

We develop trusting relationships with our employees, clients and all stakeholders around our clients' projects.

To maintain compliance with the law, we have implemented a policy of transparency, non-disclosure and anti-corruption.

We place confidentiality, impartiality and integrity at the heart of our client relationships to ensure that our clients are welcomed, served and responded to.

Ensuring competence

The supervision of our teams on all the intervention sites enables us to provide the most appropriate solutions to the problems raised.

Each worker is supervised in order to share the experience of his or her manager and to increase their skills.

With the objective of zero accidents on assignments, Apave's high standards are a guarantee of quality and know-how.

Availability and reliability

Our commitment to quality is expressed on a regular basis through our concern for customer satisfaction. That's why we are committed to providing our customers with quality, reliable service that is available at all times. We make every effort to ensure the reliability of our services and to meet our customers' needs in terms of availability and quality.

Control of deadlines

With effective planning management, meeting deadlines is a key element of the customer relationship.

Continuous improvement

Thanks to the implementation of processes to maintain its ISO 17020 accreditation, Apave Tunisia intends to guarantee a high level of requirement in terms of continuous improvement of skills and working methods.

Why choose

Apave Tunisia?


Our quality-oriented approach

Thanks to our know-how, we train our teams on a continuous basis in order to benefit from a state-of-the-art expertise in the field of inspection as well as in the technical control of constructions. Our continuous improvement processes are a guarantee of quality in the missions we carry out on a daily basis.

Our unique approvals and accreditations

The only office accredited in Technical Control of Constructions in Tunisia, in addition to the accreditations on 7 fields for the regulatory technical inspection, the safety in electricity, the lifting, the pressure apparatuses, the installations of gas, and any technical control aiming at the protection of the workers.

Our customer relationship

Thanks to digital tools and our availability, we are able to respond to your requests quickly and provide you with all accredited services.