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Technical Control of Buildings

Apave Tunisie is the only building inspection company accredited to ISO 17020. This inspection is governed mainly by law N°94-9 of 31/01/1994, by decree N°95-416 of 06/03/1995 and by the specifications relating to the exercise of the activity of technical inspection in the fields of construction as defined by the decree of March 31, 2021 of the Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Infrastructure.
Building inspections are mandatory for most new buildings.

A few details: 

Who controls the constructions?

In Tunisia, the technical control of constructions is carried out by the certifying bodies approved by the TUNAC. Apave Tunisia is the only office accredited for the technical control of constructions in Tunisia. 

When is a technical control mandatory? 

The technical control is mandatory for new constructions, constructions that have been the subject of a declaration of work, constructions that have been the subject of a request for a building permit and constructions that have been the subject of a request for authorization of work. Apave Tunisie assists you in all these procedures.

When can the control of construction rules take place?

The technical control of constructions must take place before any building, part of a building or any other work assigned to a use other than that for which it was built. Our experts establish the Initial Technical Inspection Report (ITR) to the Final Technical Inspection Report (FTIR), as an approved certifying body, in order to verify the state of conservation of a building and to assess the risks incurred by the users.

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Our main missions of CTC

Apave worker's on site
Apave worker's on site

In order to guarantee the reliability and the quality of the works, we carry out technical control of the construction for :


  • The solidity of the works
  • The safety of people
  • The verification of the technical installations indissociably linked to the constructions
    - Electricity: strong current, weak current, 
    - Fluid : heating, air conditioning, plumbing, sanitary, gas installations, ...
    - Fire safety, automatic fire detection and gas ..;
    - Lifting: elevator, freight elevator, escalators, hoists, ...
  • Issuance of technical opinions on products and processes
  • Technical assistance

We assist you throughout your construction/rehabilitation project in order to identify any anomalies and implement the necessary measures to remedy them. We use all general techniques applicable for technical control acts (non-destructive testing, infrared thermography, )

Our complementary missions of CTC

as defined in the NT 30.267 standard :

  • Carry out additional technical assistance missions requested by the project owner (energy saving, operation of specific installations, accessibility of buildings for the disabled, etc.)
  • Carries out expert appraisals of existing works in order to control the rehabilitation works
  • Ensures the mission of verification of the conformity relative to the special or innovative processes
  • Carries out a wide range of structural tests in accordance with technical rules and standards
  • Contributes to ensure the coherence of the realization with the objectives of solidity and initial safety, by giving its technical opinions in due time throughout the phases of construction

A team of experts at your disposal

Thanks to the experience and ambition of its engineers/technical controllers who are well versed in the exercise of their missions, and equipped with a wide range of measuring and testing instruments, Apave Tunisie, as a control office, allows its customers to benefit from the resources and experience of its other technical services, as well as from its calculation resources and its technical documentation which is continuously updated.
For your insurances, as well as for the contracting authority, the technical control of constructions guarantees the whole life cycle of your infrastructure (materials, fire risks, people's safety, energy performance, safety in case of earthquake, ... ) in order to overcome the technical hazards that could delay your sites.

Why choose

Apave Tunisia?


Our quality-oriented approach

Thanks to our know-how, we train our teams on a continuous basis in order to benefit from a state-of-the-art expertise in the field of inspection as well as in the technical control of constructions. Our continuous improvement processes are a guarantee of quality in the missions we carry out on a daily basis.

Our unique approvals and accreditations

The only office accredited in Technical Control of Constructions in Tunisia, in addition to the accreditations on 7 fields for the regulatory technical inspection, the safety in electricity, the lifting, the pressure apparatuses, the installations of gas, and any technical control aiming at the protection of the workers.

Our customer relationship

Thanks to digital tools and our availability, we are able to respond to your requests quickly and provide you with all accredited services.