Apave employee working on an electrical installation

Inspection of electrical installations

The inspection of an electrical installation is an important step during the construction or renovation of a site, and after it has been commissioned. It ensures that the installation complies with current technical safety regulations, and that it is safe and ready for use. It is mandatory for any new electrical installation, any major modification to an existing installation, and for periodic verification. 
After commissioning, the electrical installation must be inspected periodically to ensure that it remains in good condition with regard to technical safety rules.

There are many different types of electrical connection, each with its own characteristics and applications. These installations are made up of various components: cables, circuit breakers, switches, sockets, ceiling lights, wall lights, etc.


An electrical diagnosis can be used to determine the characteristics and technical specifications of the electrical installation in a given location, to detect any malfunctions, to determine the relevant regulatory provisions, to guide the operator of the installation towards technical solutions, to check that cables and conduits are installed in electrical sheaths to avoid the risks of fire and electrocution, to choose wires according to the current to be carried...

Regulatory technical inspection

During an electrical installation, technical constraints are imposed by a current regulation. A technical inspection is mandatory for all electrical installations. Its purpose is to check the general condition of the installation and to detect any potential defects that could endanger its users.

These constraints concern all electrical distribution systems that require connection to a distribution network.

Apave is involved in this mandatory technical inspection phase through :


  • Verification of the conformity of the installations to the technical and regulatory requirements at the time of commissioning or after having undergone a major modification.
  • Periodic regulatory safety inspections.

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Our expertise in Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography inspection of electrical installations and equipment involves using a high-performance infrared camera to check the thermal condition of these installations and equipment in order to detect any abnormal heating likely to cause a malfunction. This inspection makes it possible to analyse the thermal faults detected, to determine the origin of these faults and to propose actions to remedy them.


This non-intrusive method is also a vector for energy performance.

Technical assistance

Apave employee working on an electrical installation
Apave employee working on an electrical installation

Apave assists you in all the necessary steps to have a compliant electrical installation, guaranteeing the safety of its users:


  • Conception, realization and exploitation of electrical installations.
  • Reception of electrical equipment.
  • Analysis of electrical incidents and technical recommendations to remedy them.
  • Inspection by infrared thermography of electrical installations and equipment.
  • Missions of evaluation of the conformity of the electrical installations and the safety conditions of the machines in accordance with the relevant European directives and standards.
  • Missions of electrical data recording and analysis of the quality of the electrical signal.

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The only office accredited in Technical Control of Constructions in Tunisia, in addition to the accreditations on 7 fields for the regulatory technical inspection, the safety in electricity, the lifting, the pressure apparatuses, the installations of gas, and any technical control aiming at the protection of the workers.

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