Job site safety training


With 170 professional training centres worldwide, we have developed real expertise in technical training and we prepare your employees to understand Health and Safety at work. In Tunisia, we offer more than 300 technical training topics. Apave Tunisia will diagnose, identify and plan your training needs within the framework of the advantages granted by the National Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Promotion, the CNFCPP.

Training courses

this year

Developing your skills and those of your employees in the field of safety and technical areas is a major challenge. As a training organisation, Apave's experts can help you meet these new challenges in complete safety:

  • Train your employees in jobs that are in demand: welder, line operator, maintenance agent, industrial maintenance technician, heating and air conditioning equipment technician, etc.
  • Train your employees in the regulatory training required to carry out their job in complete safety
  • Prepare for the future with new professions and new skills in the field of cybersecurity for example
  • Adapting to our new working methods by offering professional training in face-to-face, distance learning and blend learning

Your challenges related to

to risk management

Various factors can impact your business and your environment. Training is a major lever to support your organisation in its transformation and to help it meet these new challenges.


Training your employees means meeting your legal obligations

As an employer, you are required to comply with certain legal obligations regarding the technical training of your employees. Among these, fire safety and fire fighting training is mandatory for all employees.


Develop the skills of your teams to better prevent and control risks

Technical training is an essential tool for preventing and controlling risks. It allows you to develop the skills of your teams and provide them with the tools they need to better manage risks. Technical training is also a means of raising team awareness of risks and helping them to take the necessary measures to prevent them.


Encouraging the emergence of new professions and professional retraining

Training allows people to learn about new technologies and to specialise in a specific field. Technical training is a major asset for companies, which can thus acquire qualified and competent personnel.


Benefit from know-how, with teaching tools adapted to your needs

Technical training allows you to benefit from know-how, with teaching tools adapted to the needs of employers and employees. You will learn how to use the various tools, machines and production equipment, as well as manufacturing and quality control techniques.


Setting up adapted training courses that enable your teams to increase their skills

The first step is to define the skill requirements. To do this, you need to identify the positions to be filled, the skills required and the skills that your employees already possess. You can then put in place appropriate training programmes that will enable them to improve their skills.

A training offer

adapted to your needs


Whether you are a Training Manager, HR Manager or Human Resources Director, we can provide you with a catalogue that meets your needs and guarantees the training plan of your employees. From the choice of teaching methods to the choice of courses, we can guarantee you tailor-made training that meets your needs and those of your employees. From basic professional training to more advanced technical training, we cater to employers in all sectors of activity.


Whether you are an Industrial Director/Responsible, Operations Director/Responsible, Technical Director/Responsible, Apave Tunisia is able to guarantee you the best level of skills and accreditation of your teams to enable you to carry out your activity in complete safety (Training for electrical accreditation, CACES, welding, asbestos, ...).


Thanks to our teaching team, led by our field engineers, we can offer you training courses adapted to your needs and in line with regulatory standards. Our teaching methods and tools are constantly evolving in order to meet your expectations as closely as possible and to facilitate the understanding and learning of your employees.

Our technical areas

of training


We work in various technical fields such as mechanics, electricity, IT, construction, etc. We offer you training courses adapted to your level and your needs:

  • Electricity
  • Lifting and handling
  • Energy and pressure
  • Fire
  • Health and safety at work
  • Welding

Why choose

Apave Tunisia?


Our quality-oriented approach

Thanks to our know-how, we train our teams on a continuous basis in order to benefit from a state-of-the-art expertise in the field of inspection as well as in the technical control of constructions. Our continuous improvement processes are a guarantee of quality in the missions we carry out on a daily basis.

Our unique approvals and accreditations

The only office accredited in Technical Control of Constructions in Tunisia, in addition to the accreditations on 7 fields for the regulatory technical inspection, the safety in electricity, the lifting, the pressure apparatuses, the installations of gas, and any technical control aiming at the protection of the workers.

Our customer relationship

Thanks to digital tools and our availability, we are able to respond to your requests quickly and provide you with all accredited services.